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A team of passionate, integrity-driven individuals are behind everything at WeDo Inc. With passion and integrity a given, so is our focus and pursuit of excellence.

Message from the Directors

At WeDo Inc. “good” is not enough. We want more than that. We want to go for Greatness! Our passion and mission is to enable greatness in people and organisations.

What is our measure of Greatness:

    • Sustained superior performance of our clients, our employees and ourselves.
    • Committed, energised and passionate employees.
    • Professional, ethical, fair and honest dealings with all our clients, their stakeholders and regulators.
    • Distinctive contribution by fulfilling a focused mission that sets our clients, our employees and us apart from the crowd.

Globally, the social and statutory responsibility expected of an audit firm is continuously expanding as a direct result of the unprecedented, regulatory scrutiny on corporate and individual economic behaviour within turbulent economic, social and political environments in which clients conduct their affairs. WeDo Inc. is fully committed to fulfilling our responsibility as a trusted independent auditor by assisting clients to comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards within the framework of objective, true and fair disclosure.

Financial information and the reporting thereof is the pivotal element for responsible corporate and individual citizenship. As regulatory financial reporting becomes ever more complex, clients are obliged to provide timely and appropriate disclosure of the results of their economic activities. We strive to provide superior services in support of our clients achieving objective, true and fair disclosures to their stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

WeDo Inc. is a socially responsible audit firm and we recognise the ongoing challenge of ever increasing client expectations for the highest quality professional services. We are passionate and focused to meet and exceed those expectations.

Chris Haasbroek

Chris J. Haasbroek

Inge Vermeulen

Inge Vermeulen