Audit & Assurance

Our audit and assurance engagements are done within the framework of compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards to ensure our clients benefit from credible independent audit and assurance reporting. We are also a registered training office with SAICA and IRBA where our high professional work ethics and standards of service delivery contribute to produce tomorrow’s leaders.


We are highly focused on the business and financial successes of all our clients. We partner with our clients to tackle challenges with transactions, estate planning, risk management, accounting compliance and financial reporting  requirements.


We understand the role which tax responsible corporate and individual citizens play. We are committed to provide our clients with relevant tax advice and services to ensure their compliance with these responsibilities.


Compliance with legal, statutory and regulatory requirements demand constant attention from those charged with governance of incorporated and other legal entities. Our in-depth knowledge, experience and regular contact with statutory bodies and regulators are valuable to our clients in ensuring their governance duties are discharged correctly in an efficient and effective manner.

Accounting Compliance and Reporting Services

Our accounting compliance and financial reporting services are focused on assisting CFO’s, audit committees, treasurers and top executives to comply with the requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This service is also focused on assisting audit firms with maintaining their auditor independence regarding accounting services to their clients in view of such exclusion as per Section 90(2) of the Companies Act, 2008.